Rental Conditions

Rent4Fun rents the equipment subject to the terms and conditions established in this contract, which you accept and confirm that it will comply with. Please read carefully and if you do not understand or not agree with any of the points, you should not accept it. Likewise, both parties mutually recognize sufficient legal capacity to sign this contract, which is composed by the following clauses:


1. Delivery and Returns: Rent4Fun delivers the equipment in good general condition, functioning and without defects. You are obliged to return it in the same condition with all the parts and accessories, on the date and time indicated in this contract. We may repossess the equipment at any time without notifying you and at your own cost if the equipment is used in breaking any clauses of this contract. No refund will be made for delivery of equipment before the end of the rental contract or for any other reason. Normal deterioration will be accepted during rental.

2. Deposit: At the moment of formalizing this contract, you will be required a valid identification document such as passport, national identity document or driving license, plus a cash deposit (€) or credit card (pre-authorization). The deposit will be returned once the rental period has ended at the delivery of the equipment, if it meets the requirements mentioned in clause 1.

3. Clients Responsibility:

a) The client is obliged to take care and all the necessary precautions to protect the equipment rented from any damage, loss, theft, robbery or similar action and return the equipment with all accessories (locks, keys, helmet, child seat, paddles, life jackets or other) in the same conditions that has been delivered initially to the client at the specified date and time on the contract.

b) The client is obliged at all times to remove the keys and lock the equipment correctly when he moves away from it (in the case of bicycles, pass the lock through the frame or wheels, and attach it to a post or other support fixed to the ground). Any partial or total manipulation of the equipment is prohibited.

c) If any of the situations mentioned above occur during the rental period, the client will immediately assume all the costs of the loss, damage and replacement caused, at market prices* (See table chart of prices set in the establishment).The amount or difference in value of the tool or spare which is missing or has to be replaced.

At the expense of the tenant (client):

  • The amount or difference of value of damages, tool, spare or any other item missing or replaced to the equipment.
  • Expenses incurred by Rent4Fun due to transport and stoppage of the equipment or delivery delay*. (According to price list)
  • The amount of any fines, judicial and extrajudicial expenses derived from any type of sanction, including crane and municipal deposit expenses for equipment removal, damages to third parties or others, for events that occurred during the term of the contract.

4. Conditions of use and breach of contract: The client must NOT allow the equipment to be used:

a) Any other person who has not been authorized and previously included in this contract or minors without the express authorization of their legal guardians who assume all and any responsibility for the use of the equipment.

b) To transport more passengers than allowed by each equipment.

c) To transport goods, participate in races, tests, contests, improper or reckless use of equipment to the intended use.

d) While the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substance that affects his awareness or ability to react.

e) Against traffic regulations including speed limitations or commit any offense against traffic safety or other users of the road.

f) To drive on roads that are not suitable for traffic, forbidden or dangerous areas (beaches, canyons, mountains, etc …)

  1. The company has insurance coverage for general civil responsibility of exploitation, whose policy number is fixed on our bulletin board and doesn’t cover risks of use by the customer during the rental period. (See below section 3 customer responsibility)
  2. Rent4Fun is not liable for claims for accidents, drownings, deaths, injuries, hits or damages caused to themselves and/or to third parties or their property, or for loss of objects caused by any reason. In the case of aquatic equipment, the client declares to be a good swimmer and to make use at all times of the life jackets, as well as for terrestrial vehicles, it is recommended the use of helmet and protective material that is available for free use. For safety, the use of a helmet is required in the S-Balance equipment.
  3. The customer is responsible for any accident or damage of his own and/or to third parties that may occur during the rental period. It is recommended to be holder of a private insurance with adequate coverage for such purposes.
  4. We are not responsible towards the customer or any passenger for loss or damage of goods left in the equipment during the rental period or thereafter. These goods are absolutely responsibility of the customer.
  5. You must report any traffic accident, loss, damage or theft immediately to the police and to Rent4Fun.
  6. It is the responsibility of the client and/or companions to obey the traffic rules, signs, local and Spanish regulations, as well as to respect the users of the streets/roads and within the street and maritime laws and safety.
  7. Battery limitations: the duration of the battery is calculated based on the distance traveled and not depending on the time of use. The duration of it depends on by the following factors: user weight, speed, surface, ambient temperature, time of use and others. The maximum distance of a battery on the equipment is 15 to 20 kms in perfect use and optimized conditions, this distance can be diminished by the individual use of each user. Upon receiving the equipment, the user checks that the battery is fully charged and must comply with the instructions for use and speed informed when it is rented to optimize the battery charge in distance and time. If you detect a decrease in performance of the equipment, you should immediately return to the place you have rented the equipment to avoid total immobilization of the equipment.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), we inform you that the information provided will be incorporated into a database owned by SOLID IBERIA, S.L.U. with the purpose of carrying out administrative, accounting and fiscal management, as well as sending commercial communications about our products and services. The data included may be communicated to our accounting advisors in order to manage the company accounts.

Likewise, I declare to have been informed about the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of my data in the fiscal domicile of Solid Iberia, S.L.U., 29603 Marbella, Málaga, CIF: B93280071

In case of divergences on this contract, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Marbella, Málaga, Spain.

The person identified and who signs this contract must be over 18 years of age and will be responsible for the use and users of the contracted equipment.